Garage ServicesIf you stop and think about it, a garage not only provides an additional barrier from the outside world to your home but also provides a shelter for your car and at times also works as a work and storage area. That being said, you want to make sure your garage door is working and won’t leave you stranded outside in your driveway. This though does happen from time to time. There are moments when clients call us and say half the garage door is stuck up high and the rest is on the ground. It is very important to call a professional to help you out in this situation. Some may think to simply cut the other cable holding the garage door up, but this is a mistake. That cable is under a lot of tension and can be extremely dangerous. The best thing to do is go inside and call someone for help.

We do all garage door repairs, whether your spring broke, cables snapped, garage door opener malfunctioned or any other problem, our techs can help you out. We have same day servicing and use only the best tools and stock in the market to make sure your garage will be working best once we are done with it. The great thing about our services is that we don’t only come and fix your problem, we will explain to you why it happened and what you can do in the future to prevent it. For example with garage cables, most people will never maintain the rollers and cables, which could lead to rust and ultimately the snapping of the cables. As we live in a city that gets long winters, the snow gets in under the garage door and slowly promotes rusting. The locksmith will show you different techniques of how to maintain your garage door to get more working years out of your garage door. Give Burlington Lock Service a call today and talk to one of our dispatchers that will send you out a tech. If you would like just to switch minor things you can set up an appointment or if you are in need of an emergency locksmith we will be there in no time!